How Do I Find A Gas Safe Engineer?

Are you experiencing gas-related problems and don’t know where to start? If you are one of the many millions of households in the UK that has gas connections, you should be mindful of a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Gas Safe engineers protect your home from unsafe gas work. At TMT Boilers, all of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered and are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Gas safe registered engineer

What Is A Gas Safe Engineer?

It is legally required by any engineer performing gas work to be registered with Gas Safe Register. Not all engineers are required to do every type of gas work so remember to check the engineer’s ID card. This will ensure that the public is safe. Poor work can lead to damaging your appliances and you may need expensive repairs later on. Not only this, appliances made by an illegal fitter can be more dangerous, causing the risk of carbon monoxide or explosion. This is why it is important to choose a Gas Safe Registered engineer, so you will be confident that you are working with a qualified engineer that is trustworthy and will ensure to keep you safe and warm inside your home.

What Does A Gas Safe Engineer Do?

Gas engineers can install, service, maintain and repair gas appliances. They can specialise in specific areas but they will still be able to install your heating system or gas cooker.

The most common tasks that gas engineers perform are:

  • Installing and repairing gas appliances
  • Providing quotes to customers, discussing parts, plans, and covers
  • Diagnose and repair heating systems such as boilers and radiators
  • Performing checks and testing gas appliances to make sure they are safe and working correctly
  • Cutting, joining, and bending pipes to fit together

Gas engineers not only work in single households, but they can also work in commercial settings to adhere to safety regulations and procedures.

How Do I Check If A Gas Engineer Is Registered?

If you are looking for an engineer, only a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered engineer can come perform the work in your home. Always check their ID card to make sure they are qualified to work on specific gas appliances. They should be happy to show you proof of their identity. Each ID card has a unique license number that confirms they are registered and qualified to perform their work. We strongly advise you to ask them for proof before allowing them to work on your heating systems.

How Do I Find A Gas Safe Engineer?

It is good to do your research as you want to choose the best heating services that are available. At TMT Boilers, we understand the stress of finding a Gas Safe engineer. There’s no need to worry because, with us, we are qualified Gas Safe engineers that are ready and happy to help you with whatever service you require, whether it is boiler fixtures or power flushing. Get in touch with us today.

How To Tell If My Gas Boiler Is Unsafe?

Some gas boiler problems can put your family at risk. Carbon monoxide is one of them. It is a highly poisonous gas however, it is hard to detect as it has an odourless smell. You must act quickly. This can occur when a gas appliance has been installed incorrectly, badly repaired or maintained.

Symptoms of Carbon monoxide (CO) are headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, rapid heartbeat, weakness, shortness of breath, chest pain, seizures, disorientation and becoming unconscious.

What to do if carbon monoxide enters your home:

  • Open all of your windows and doors to ventilate the area – the fresh air will help get rid of the gas
  • Turn off the gas emergency control valve
  • Extinguish any flames
  • Don’t turn lights on or off
  • Contact the National Gas Emergency service number in your area
  • Do not turn the gas supply on again until it is examined by a Gas Safe engineer
  • Contact your GP if you feel unwell

What Our Engineers Check During A Boiler Service

If you are wondering what a boiler service entails, here are the common steps to help you understand the process more clearly:

Visual inspection – to check that your heating system operates correctly and search for any issues with the boiler.

Remove the casing – the engineer will remove the casing to your boiler to inspect the components and see if it is in working order or if parts need to be replaced

Clean the boiler – the engineer will clean the boiler so the surrounding areas are left in the same condition as when the engineer first came into the home

This procedure normally takes between 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the condition of your boiler. Only a Gas Safe engineer must assess your boiler, a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.

Hazardous Signs That Your Boiler Is Breaking Down

  • Your boiler does not turn on
  • You notice higher gas usage
  • Pipe leakage
  • Unusual banging or whistling noise
  • Your boiler locks out and needs a reset
  • The pilot light or flames are yellow instead of the normal blue colour
  • The greatest cause of a boiler breaking down in the winter is a frozen condensate pipe

Gas Safe Registered Engineer London

If you live in Central London or in the surrounding areas and are looking for a gas safe registered engineer, we can help you. Contact us and we will discuss any problems or concerns you may have and answer them as best as we can. If you want your boiler installed, serviced or repaired we will safely perform this.


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