What To Do If Your Boiler Breaks Down

Has your boiler broken down and you are feeling lost on what to do next? Don’t stress, these things happen more often than you would think. The first thing you should do is to turn off the boiler. Next, contact us on 02039503308 or via email at info@tmtboilers.co.uk. At TMT Boilers, our service is speedy, reliable, and guaranteed, we are here to help. No problem is too big for us, we will come and fix your boiler as soon as we can.

First Things First

Relax. These things can be fixed. If you are left without any heating or water and your boiler is under warranty, you should contact your insurer and they will send over a Gas Safe engineer as soon as they can. However, if you are not under warranty you will have a costly emergency repair bill. That is why you should obtain professional assistance at the first sign of a problem with your boiler. To avoid a situation like this, make sure you get your boiler serviced to ensure the boiler’s longevity.

Hazardous Signs That Your Boiler Is Breaking Down

  • Higher gas usage
  • Pipe leakage
  • Unusual banging or whistling noise
  • Your boiler fails to turn on
  • Your boiler locks out and needs resetting
  • The pilot light or flames are yellow instead of their usual blue colour
  • During the winter, the biggest cause of a boiler breaking down is from a frozen condensate pipe.

How To Prevent Your Boiler From Breaking In The Future

Your boiler needs to be serviced annually to avoid costly breakdowns. At TMT Boilers, we understand the significant role that your boiler plays in your day-to-day life. They are essential to prolong the life of your boiler. If you avoid getting your boiler serviced you can be at risk of dangerous toxic gasses released in your home. Book a boiler service today and get a free quote from us so we can diagnose the problem straight away. With our services at TMT Boilers, you can receive an estimate at little to no cost through our live chat video survey.

What Happens During A Boiler Service

A Gas Safe engineer will visit your home and do a visual inspection on your boiler to check that everything is operational or if there are any faults. The engineer will then remove the casing and inspect the components and clean the boiler when finished. This process normally takes between 30 to 40 minutes. Most traditional boilers run on gas, which means only a Gas Safe engineer assesses your boiler, a member of our team will be able to help.

Still, Need Help?

To prevent your boiler from breaking down in the future,  you must have regular boiler maintenance to ensure it works correctly and is safe to use in your home. It is good to get into the habit of checking your boiler pressure. Call us on 02039503308 if your boiler has broken down or need some help. We cover London and the surrounding areas.


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