Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Central London

Landlord Certificates issued for Central London

Landlords who rent out a property are required to hold a valid Gas Safety Certificate. Known commonly as a Landlord Certificate, it’s officially called a CP12 Gas Safety Report. To be valid, it must be issued by a registered Gas Safety engineer and be less than 12 months old. It’s a legal requirement and it is there to ensure tenant’s safety. With a team of registered Gas Safety engineers who have years of experience, we are available to issue Landlord Certificates for all types of properties.

Call us to arrange a convenient appointment. An inspection takes approximately 45 minutes and we will provide the paperwork to prove your property is safe and compliant. The certificate should be kept as part of your record-keeping and a copy made available for the tenant and any managing agent or representative.

Landlord Certificates

Do I Need a Landlord Certificate?

Any property that is being rented out either permanently or temporarily must have a Gas Safety Certificate if there are gas appliances in the accommodation.

That includes the following types of property:

  • HMOs

  • Bedsits

  • Holiday Cottages

  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

  • Chalets

  • Student Flats

  • Lodger’s Rooms

If you let out any accommodation, make sure you stay legally compliant and call us for an inspection. The report must be kept by the landlord and a copy given to the tenant within 28 days of moving in. A copy should also be available to any letting agent that has been employed.

What Checks are Completed at a Landlord Inspection?

All gas appliances inside the property are checked for safety. This includes the boiler, hob, oven, and fire if they are fuelled by gas. Each appliance is inspected to ensure the positioning of the appliance is safe and it is being used for the appropriate function. Signs of corrosion are looked for too. A check is carried out to determine whether any toxic gases are being emitted and also whether there is sufficient ventilation in the room. The inspection does not include a service – it’s a check to make sure tenants are safe and to prove the landlord is providing appropriate equipment in the property.

Checks need to be completed every 12 months. Some insurances become invalid if this is not done as well as being non-compliant legally. Keep yourself protected and call us for a Gas Safety Inspection today. Our engineers are experienced at carrying out landlord inspections. We are happy to liaise directly with the tenant or agent if this is preferred. We are quick and make sure that no mess is left behind.

Our team is happy to complete any other plumbing or boiler work for your rented property. We can provide a quote for repairs or installations and work with your tenants directly if needed.

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