How Long Does It Take To Install A New Boiler?

Your boiler is the heart of your home. It is responsible for providing you and your family with hot water and making your home cosy and warm. This makes it essential to get your boiler system installed correctly to avoid potential breakdowns and costly repairs. As well as ensuring your system is fitted correctly, you will also need to ensure you have chosen the right system for the heating demands of your home. This will help to keep your energy bill and again potential breakdowns to a minimum. Here at TMT Boilers, we specialise in boiler installation and pride ourselves on our high level of expertise and outstanding reviews.

How Long Does a Boiler Installation Take?

A boiler installation usually takes between 1-3 days to complete. However, it depends on the complexity of the job.

Relocating Your Boiler

You can choose to move the placement of your boiler within your home, however, this will add complications to the overall installation process. Your engineer may need to make changes to your current pipework, or even install new pipework. In some areas, your current pipework may also need to be capped. This adjustment could add another 1-2 days to your installation. The further away from your current boiler location, you decide to locate your new boiler will prolong the process.

Boiler System Upgrade

Some homeowners may choose to change the type of boiler they have installed. This may be due to a desire to decrease energy costs or a change in your family’s energy needs. Switching from a regular boiler to a combi boiler would be considered a system upgrade. Combi boilers are one of the most popular boiler systems in the UK and many people choose to go ahead with this upgrade. Again, as this adds to the complexity of the installation, it can add 1-3 days to your installation time.

Straight Boiler Swap

Replacing your boiler, but opting for the same system as your current boiler is known as a straight boiler swap. This is the quickest type of boiler installation as it requires minimal changes. A straight boiler swap generally only takes one day to complete.

Can a Plumber Install a Boiler?

A plumber or a heating engineer can install a new boiler. You just need to ensure that they are Gas Safe registered and qualified to complete boiler installations. The Gas Safe register is the result of a highly regulated gas industry. They want to make sure that the services performed on appliances like boilers meet the safety requirements. It is not legal for any plumber or heating engineer to work on any appliances they are not qualified for. Here at TMT boilers, our engineers are all fully trained and Gas Safe registered for installing boilers.

Boiler Installation Process

Removal of Old Boiler

Firstly, your engineer will remove your old boiler system. The length of time this will take depends on the system your engineer is removing and the complexity of the job.


Once your old boiler has been removed, the system will need to be flushed and cleaned. When having a new boiler installed, it is important to ensure that the water in the system is as clean as possible. A flush prior to installation will help prevent any damage from being caused by debris from your old system.

Upgrades to Your Pipework

Your pipes may need to be replaced or updated to ensure the efficiency of your new system. This isn’t always a simple job and can take up a large amount of your engineer’s time if this action is necessary.

Fitting Your Boiler

Once all the preparations have been completed, it’s time for your engineer to install your new boiler. You can change the location of your boiler if you wish, but this may add extra time to the process. It’s always best to ask for and listen to an engineer’s advice on where would be the best location for your system within your home.

Filter Installation

It is usually recommended to install a filter system alongside your boiler. This will collect any debris or sludge that builds up over time and protects your boiler. This will ensure your system remains clean and runs efficiently.


Once everything has been installed to standard, your engineer will need to commission your boiler. This will ensure everything is installed and running correctly. The boiler commissioning procedure involves checking that your new boiler installation is installed and set up correctly. This helps ensure you are gaining maximum efficiency from your heating and hot water products. This can help to put steps in place to avoid common boiler issues.


Once all the above steps have been completed and your boiler is running efficiently, your engineer should then complete a handover with you. This includes explaining to you how your system works and any warranties it comes with. Regular maintenance checks you’ll need to complete during the boilers’ lifespan should also be explained to you.


Once the installation is complete, either the homeowner or the engineer will need to register the boiler. This will ensure your warranty is valid, making sure you are covered if you were to experience any issues.

Ensuring your boiler is installed correctly is essential in preventing any unnecessary breakdowns that require an emergency plumber or repairs. You can contact us to book your boiler installation/get a quote or answer any relevant questions you may have.

Boiler Installation Quote

Once you have found the engineer to install your new boiler, the next step is to get a quote. This will enable you to work out how much money you’ll have for your new boiler. Here at TMT Boilers, we do provide finance options to help you with these costs. The engineer will also be able to explain potential running costs to you, once the type of boiler system you need has been decided. This is where your heating engineer can advise you on the time scale of your work. There are a number of factors that can affect the length of time your installation can take.

For example:

  • Whether you already have a boiler
  • What fuel you are using
  • If you are relocating your boiler
  • What type of boiler you are having installed
  • Whether you are changing the type of boiler, and what type you are changing to and from
  • Any complexities due to the type of home, existing water supply, etc

If you’re looking to get a new boiler installed, contact us today and one of our friendly team members will get back to you.

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